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2014/15 Race dates released

30/06/2014: The SRA of Victoria have released the date for the upcoming 2014/15 race season. Start planning your race sheduele now!

Click HERE for Race dates 2014/15

2013/14 Race dates released.

19/07/13: The 2013/14 race dates have been released for the upcoming season. Start planning now for your summer of racing.

Click HERE for race dates.

 Southern Showdown weekend

Race dates 9&10/3/13: The long weekend brings about the Southern Showdown weekend, raced over two nights. Night one at Sipmson Speedway and night two at Avalon Raceway.

Night 1
Heat 1 Started 7th finished 5th.
Heat 2 Started 2nd finished 1st
Top 6 shootout, started 2nd finished 1st
A main started 1st finished 3rd

"We had a great car all night, but we miss read the track. Our set up wasn't good enough. Third is not to bad, but after starting on pole we did want win. See what we can do at Avalon tomorrow night. Cheers" said Brett.

Night 2
Heat 1 Started 4th finished 1st
Heat 2 Started 9th finished 5th
Top 6 shoot out, Started 3rd finished 6th
A main started 6th finished 9th.

"Well we missed our set up in the final again tonight. Too loose last night and now to tight tonight. Plus the motor went off aswell. A bit of work to do before Warrnambool next weekend. Thank to boys for their efforts over the weekend. Cheers" said Brett
 Early A main exit at Western Speedway

2/03/13. Round 9 of the SRA series was at Western Speedway Hamilton. Brett had an early exit in the A main after car spun in front, launching the V68 upside down.

Heat one would see the V68 start from P3. With things no going Brett's way, he would drop back to finish 5th. Heat 2 would be a little better as Brett moved forward from his sixth starting spot to finish 5th. This Would see the V68 start from 6th in the B main. The race went a lot better for Brett finishing in 2nd and making the back of the A. The A main had four attempted start before racing finally got underway. Lap one would be as far as the V68 would g. As a car spun in turn three, Brett had no where to go and on collision, it rolled the V68 upside down. Brett would have to watch the feature from the infield.

" This was tough night. Worked hard to get to the A main and to have it end on lap 1 is not good. This doesn't help the Series point. We will be back next weekend. Cheers" said Brett

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